Progress from Uncertainty

Like everyone else, I’ve watched the uncertainty of current pandemic playing out across the media with almost momentary updates. There’s so much information that it becomes overwhelming, even discouraging. During the last week, I’ve stayed busy with my wife’s recovery with her knee and she’s doing very well.

But, the upheaval and struggle with personal events have left me more energized. It’s likely nervous energy, but why not put it to good use? Sure, I’ve distracted myself with some entertainment and such, but along with a commitment to getting solid rest, I’ve decided to re-double my efforts with my book.

For too long, I’ve sat considering how to revise Reformed Mage without enough progress. In the midst of uncertainty, I’m using my restlessness to focus more on my writing than I have in a while and try to knock out this hefty revision. I’m dedicated to opening the file and working on it daily, perhaps several times each day. Anything is useful right now and leads forward which is what I need. Following that decision, I’ve made some solid progress in Reformed Mage. I’m intent on focusing on just this project as much as possible each day and push it further along toward publication.

I’ve drafted a short post about the book to share here next week as part of introducing it to readers. Look for that post next week and more about the book in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ve been taking time to shift my attention from the distressing news. There’s the desire to be informed but also maintain calm. I’m watching a few new shows and a few retro shows to pass the time along with digging deep with the new book. This begs the question: what are you doing during this social hiatus? Are you spending more time working around the house? I’ve done that and swallowed a good bit of pollen from the early spring weather in the area. Are you binge watching shows? I’ve watched some old Star Trek Next Generation episodes and some newer shows on Prime. Are you reading books? I’ve been reading some too, what are you reading? Feel free to weigh-in on the subject in the comments. Thanks for stopping by today.

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  1. It’s funny how just getting words down seems to solve a lot of those plot issues. I’ve been trying to write as much as possible. Considering renting a couple of movies that were forced to skip the theater. That Invisible Man one looks cool, and I know Jumanji will be fun.

  2. Since I’m on full “house arrest” for now, I’m also looking to get back to my WIP, the third installment of my Emissary trilogy. Once it’s done, I can compile them and offer them for print, but it’s been so hard to focus, as you mention. I’ve been under the weather, too, though nothing serious as far as we know.

    When concentration becomes difficult, writing suffers. But staying home (which I tend to do most of the time, anyway) can be a bonus, as you say. I do watch the news to stay up to date, and so far, it’s all progressing as has been expected for the last few weeks. However, watching all day long was taking a toll on my spirits, so I’m limiting my updates to twice a day now.

    As my cold as eased up, I’ve started using my time to finish a lot of projects around the house and garden that are long overdue. As I finish each one, I feel empowered! 🙂 I’m also doing some work on my books and planned promos. And then, I expect 1) to be able to focus on my writing and make some rapid progress on my WIP, and 2) to get in some reading. I don’t watch tv these days, preferring a good book to anything else. I have a towering stack awaiting, so when I’m not engaged in physical projects or writing, that’s where my spare time will go.

    Lemons, meet lemonade. It’s all I can do, other than follow the guidelines we are given daily.

  3. It seems the less I want to hear about the pandemic, the more I’m compelled to read, listen to, or watch the news! So being on house arrest, I’m actually getting LESS done. Go figure. 🙂

  4. I so need to get back to my WIP. You’d think with me working from home, I would feel more refreshed. I certainly save an hours drive time each day, but I’ve been exhausted each evening.

    Good luck to you on your progress.

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