Expansion Pack: The Crucible

Good points for planning a character. What mundane type of person can you put in the crucible? Read this post from C. S. Boyack at Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you again. Most of my posts seem to be about characters, so why should today be any different? Today, I’m going to share a little tip to help your main character get that all-important character arc.

Every person out there has an idea of who they are. There are things they take pride in, enjoy, that motivate them. There are also things they hate, loathe, and demotivate them. I’ll refer to this as the character paradigm. It’s the whole of who that person is.

Our job as authors is to put those characters in the crucible to make sure they have a way to change over the course of the story. One way to do this is to destroy the character paradigm.

I don’t consider this plotting, pantsing, or something in between. All of us do some kind of character development. Maybe you use Character Sheets

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