Crowdfunding Campaigns I Like

Here are some campaigns I like besides my own:

Awakening on Kickstarter by Ciara E. Dimond – JUST 2 DAYS LEFT

Emerald Kipp & the Riddle of the Timekeeper by Claribel Ortega – 28 days left

The Blade Heir by Daniel Adorno – LAST DAY!!!

Planetary Energy Transmitter – this is in the vision of Nicola Tesla’s idea back in 1901 – 21 days left.

There are many great ideas and books that can be supported so take a look around at what’s out there and at least tweet or share them over social media if you can’t support them otherwise so the public is aware of them.

If you have some campaigns you would like to share then please leave comments below or Tweet them to me.

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

Remember my own campaign starts on 7/7 and you can preview it now to consider your support level and make suggestions and provide feedback. Also check back on my News page for daily updates and links.

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Crowdfunding: The DIY Video

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

See the final version on YouTube as posted today!

I’m working on my crowd-funding campaign for The Bow of Destiny to launch just after the Fourth of July so I’ve been making a video. It’s still in progress but I present it here for viewing and reviewing so please offer comments.

I’m running on a shoestring for the trailer until I raise enough money to commission some artwork and then official details like a trailer, web and social media banners, etc.

I made this with Movie Maker Live over a few hours with some photos and illustrations from and music from Incompetech which offers royalty free music for posted credit in the video.

The name of the piece is “Dark Fog”  by Kevin MacLeod (Twitter: @kmacleod) which seemed to hit the right tenor of mystery and intrigue that I need. Kevin, thanks for offering royalty free music, I’ll drop a donation on you soon! I’m likely going to add a short clip of my own appearance at the end for the campaign value.

Here’s the link on YouTube where you can see the video now. UPDATE: Re-published on YouTube (6/30/2014).

I have more to share later today so I will post a second blog with that – stay-tuned for more!

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Marketing: Mix & Match

It’s been very busy the last few days as I work on several projects. I’ve been editing my current WIP The Bow of Destiny. Also I am getting closer to releasing my award-winning short story, The Black Bag, as an e-book. Last but not least, I am working on the details of a crowd-funding campaign which I have discussed in previous posts.

Several aspects of pre-marketing have come up the last few days which I find both interesting and exciting. Much of it revolves around crowd-funding toward the final push to publication of the Bow of Destiny which launches the whole Bow of Hart Saga.

I look at crowd-funding as a form of pre-marketing that is as important as social media. Gaining support through crowd-funding is akin to pre-release sales by which you discover more readers and increase the reach of your brand. But here’s the catch: unless you have a large following already you can fall flat even with a good product. So what’s the answer? Reaching out any way you can when the opportunity presents itself. If you find people who want to spread the word for you then encourage them since they are free advertising – but be willing to do the same for them. Other ideas present themselves like having Twitter parties but this is not limited to just one social media platform so if you have good enough reach on other platforms then plan for parties on those too. What’s a Twitter party? Read this article from Team Caffeine for more information. It’s a fantastic idea for crowd-funding and book releases.

I have a few other ideas that I’m working at this time. If it works out then I will announce those plans too. However, the main goal is to treat everything as a big funnel into the eventual book release. Even my short e-book release carries implications which can increase my marketing reach. The main thought is this: don’t count anything out. Be smart but also be willing to take chances as you do everything possible to make a “WOW” product and present it to the public.

What ideas do you have for better crowd-funding? What marketing can you improve and how? What have you found successful?

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