Lost in the Crowd


Sometimes my twitter feed is so busy my head spins. Even though I find many helpful or interesting tweets to retweet it’s hard to find various people and their tweets.

Some of my recent blog followers.

Some of my recent blog followers.

I’ve read several posts lately suggesting the use of private and public lists in order to keep up with people better. This is effective and I’ve even been invited to some public lists lately myself (for which I’m honored). I find and follow many people this way and get specific with interactions on a regular basis so it’s a big help.

But what if I want to really follow other people whose blogs are very informative? I can go directly to their feed to find what they have been posting which is good. But I can also just visit their blog and follow them. I can even reblog some articles that I find very helpful. Lately, I’ve been followed by some other bloggers – for which I am also honored – and, when checking their sites, found their blogs interesting and helpful too.

The point is you don’t have to be lost in the crowd and you can find your way out of the tangle.

How do you sort the busy social media feeds in your life?

Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.

Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.

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