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Where I’ve Been & What’s Coming Up – I Hope…

It’s been a while since posting here on the blog. I’ve been struggling with health issues all year, so the summer was very busy in that regard. I’m still on a long, slow mend, but making a little progress. I’m heading back to some rehab, but it’s not as bad as last March.But rather than dwell on health, I prefer to share some of what’s going on with writing plans. The schedule is now jumbled, so I’m updating that on the news page. Also, I’ll get to a major shift in priorities in an upcoming post. Suffice it to say I’m going back to my writing roots. I’ll get into why and what it means later.

But rather than dwell on health, I prefer to share some of what’s going on with writing plans. The schedule is now jumbled, so I’m updating that on the news page. Also, I’ll get to a major shift in priorities in an upcoming post. Suffice it to say I’m going back to my writing roots. I’ll get into why and what it means later.

My immediate plans are to complete work on The Unseen Hand, Volume 2 of The Cursed Mage Case Files. My hope is to release it by Thanksgiving though it looks like that schedule may slide some.

The good news with the upcoming book is the artwork. I’ve ordered the cover from my artist and hope it will arrive within the week.

The delays with this book have been many and mostly physical. Energy and focus have been a big problem all year. This improved to the point where I could spend more time on it. However, all the backlog of the year of working in fits and spurts left me far behind on other needful tasks, some of which will be announced here in the coming days.

I made a lot of progress on all fronts out of my stagnation. Then my health dropped another major distraction on me. I developed a sudden eye infection. I was unable to keep my eyes open and had to make an emergency visit to the local eye hospital on a weekend. Then there were frequent drops, treatment, and more appointments.

This emergency kept me from working on the book for over a week. Oddly, or maybe not so odd in the end, I had an eye problem when I published The Bow of Destiny in late 2015. It turns out these were related. I was diagnosed with rosacea affecting my eyes. The ophthalmologist told me it’s often diagnosed from eye issues.

Now, I’m getting back in the swing more but still working around post Covid limitations. I’m getting better at working around them, but still have to do “working breaks”. But I’m making steady progress. This post is a good sign of that fact. I’m managing what feels like a new normal. As a result, revision of The Unseen Hand crawls forward.

I’ve even been able to make a few plans about other books and begin some much needed changes to the site as well as update books. Announcements are coming about multiple changes and developments and I think everyone will like them all.

My sincere hope is to launch more entertaining books for readers. If only I don’t have any more setbacks with health.

All that being expressed, I’m sorry I haven’t posted more here. I truly have been consumed with health concerns and just haven’t had the energy and focus to spend time on Archer’s Aim, let alone a new book. Things are progressing, just not as quickly as I’d like. Stay tuned, I’ll get to the next launch and more books beyond in due time. More to come about other holdups in the near future. In the meantime, please see the News page for some updates as I get back in the proverbial saddle, even if it’s with limitations.

Also as a closing note, I am catching up on lost time this week with several posts. The schedule will settle down next week.

Behind the Scenes of a Self-Published Author’s Day

Greetings to all the Archer’s Aim readers. I hope everyone had a good Memorial day weekend. Everyone in my part of the country is dealing with the tropical storm and all the associated rain, so our weekend was a little up and down. Anyway, I thought that today I would share a little more behind-the-scenes of what it’s like being an author.

Many authors like me work a day job so we don’t have all day to spend on our writing. For self published authors, there are a lot of tasks that go into writing beyond merely getting words onto paper. We have to spend a precious allotment of time on other details including artwork, marketing, blogging and much more. So that can add a self published author’s plate on any given day.

Since I’m now dictating my newest books, my writing day begins with dictation into a recording device during my commute to work. I also dictate on my way home or if I go anywhere else during the day or the evening. This allows me to write several thousand more new words a day. If I actually get out of bed earlier, then I also dictate between the time of getting ready and actually leaving for work. At this point in my writing, making sure that I write every day is very important and relieves a lot of anxiety about getting it done. My books have progressed at a steady rate and I’ve been able to complete two novels in the last few months, writing well over 150,000 words.

So, dictation is an important part of my day as a writer. Transcription can take some time so I tend to use that function when I’m doing something else away from my laptop. If I eat dinner or go for a run or take a shower, I’m usually transcribing the files that I have dictated earlier in the day. If I find that I don’t have enough time in the evening to transcribe everything, then I wait and transcribe it while I’m at work.

Lunch is another time where I try to fit in some author-related tasks that I wouldn’t otherwise have time to do. I might go through my email and answer anything of importance, or work on some small marketing tasks. I do try to make a little downtime during lunch otherwise so that I’m not constantly doing something either writing or work-related.

Since I have several books now finished in rough draft, I spend my available time in the evenings editing. This is a bit more of a time-consuming task but it’s important that I keep it separated from my regular creative work because creativity and editing are rather exclusive tasks. I tend to stay in motion during the work-week, and try to fit in as much writing time on the weekends as there is available.

Last year, when I was out of work I was essentially a full time author even though it did not make as much money as I needed. I have continued trying to work even more on my writing since I have gone back to a regular job so that if the opportunity presents itself I will be ready to step into being a full-time author once again.

Being even a part-time author is a second job, and one which can be very time-consuming. But I enjoy the writing so I like spending my time on it. Now that I’m dictating I’m getting far more done than I ever have before so I’m excited that I will soon be able to begin publishing some new books.

As I mentioned above, authors frequently must spend time on other tasks if they are self-published. Since I’m under contract for an audiobook, I do have to spend time with the production side of things. Recently, that has meant that I worked on pronunciation audio files, answering a variety of questions about the book and providing as much detailed information for the narrator as possible. Additionally, since I contract out my artwork I have to be in communication with an artist over anything that comes up in that regard. If I am going to work with editing the project professionally, then I have to work with an editor and scheduling time for her services. I often receive other email about any number of topics so those can take up some time.

So that’s something of what it’s like to be a self-published author today. It can be very busy but also very rewarding. I love to hear from readers and reviewers about their thoughts on the work. It can be very exciting when contract offers arrive and other types of interest are shown in the work. The next several months will be just as busy as they have been recently and I expect to stay in constant writing motion over that time just producing the several books on which I am working..

I hope this helps readers and other authors know what my writing day is like and how much it takes to produce a book and then get it in front of readers. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading today.

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