Behind the Scenes: Audio Publication

Hello to all the Archer’s Aim fans. Following up on Monday’s post, I thought I’d share more behind the scenes writing experiences, this time with audio publication.

The Bow of Hart Saga coming to audio in 2018!

A little over a month ago, it was announced here on Archer’s Aim that The Bow of Hart Saga will be going to audio this year. It’s exciting news and I’m thrilled to be working with audio book publisher, Podium Publishing. Everyone at Podium has been wonderful and I’ve even received a nice little gift as a welcome.

Earlier in the week, the production liaison contacted me with news about the narrator. So now, I’m sharing that bit of behind the scenes news. Narrator Tim Bruce will do the honors. I was pleased to hear a few of his samples, including Swan’s Way by Proust and Podium’s own Saga of the Wolf by Kris A Hiatt. Tim has a distinctive voice, modulating his tone very well to fit the narrative of a book. I hope to be in contact with him soon and perhaps score an interview for the blog.

The next bit of behind the scenes news involves the more mundane. Well, maybe not so much mundane. As part of the publication, I’ve been asked to provide an audio list of words with pronunciation. While this is some work, I now use dictation software so producing the audio is not hard at all. I do have to compile a comprehensive list of names from The Bow of Hart Saga but that’s not hard. It may be a little time-consuming but there’s a little hidden silver lining to it: the request makes audio publication sink-in further. Recording the names of characters and places just makes me realize that an audio book is really going to happen. Those names will be used by the narrator in the production of the book. It makes the task far more pleasant knowing the audio book publication is just months away.

I’m also working on more character notes to help with the production, offering far more information than what appears in the books. At some point, I can share these for readers in my newsletter so if you are interested, please sign-up when you can.

I don’t have a firm publication date for audio but I’m sure that will be decided soon at which point I’ll happily share it here.

Until then, I plan to stay busy on other books now in production. Look for more behind the scenes posts in upcoming weeks where I’ll share more of what I’m writing and how soon to expect new books.

Thanks for stopping by today for a peek behind the scenes.