Month: December 2017

The Bow of Hart Saga Group Q&A on Goodreads

I’m hosting a featured Author Group Q&A on Goodreads for a about 2 weeks beginning on 12/31/17 and running through 1/14/18. Click the link to join the group and leave your questions and comments for me. I’ll respond as quickly as I can. I’ve also left several fun tidbits in the group. If all goes well, I’ll host more of these over the next several months, especially when I have a new book to release.

Fun Friday: Ask Me Anything

Today, I’m taking questions about anything to do with The Bow of Hart Saga or my upcoming projects (though some are under a gag-order just now). Ask me a question in the comments below and I’ll answer or hope over to Goodreads and leave a question. Fire away!

Also, if you are looking to add some books to your bookshelf on Goodreads, check the widgets on the sidebar for my novels on Goodreads===>

Claim a freebie from our Group Giveaway

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Source: Claim a freebie from our Group Giveaway