Month: December 2017

More than Audible

The alternative to Audible by Harmony Kent today on Story Empire!

Story Empire

Hello SErs! It’s Monday again … but not to despair: Christmas is only a WEEK away!!! (Ahem. Sorry.) Right, back to today’s post … after making so much noise, let’s take a look at what options us authors have to do just that very thing — get our voices out there.

Until recently, the only avenue I knew of to turn my books into audio books was Audible. Unfortunately, you cannot set your price, and they are so expensive for listeners to use. I could go on and on about what I don’t like about Audible; however, I shall refrain.

Right off the bat, I couldn’t afford for someone to narrate for me. I just didn’t have that kind of cash … it’s pricey. So, I set about buying my own recording kit: microphone, sound-absorbing walls (two sets to make a tiny cubicle!), and audio editing software. Okay, that all…

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City Sidewalks, An Addendum

Staci got a little confused about her schedule but got it worked out – see how she did it…

Staci Troilo

So BusyThis time of year, I think we’re all busy. In addition to any holiday preparations and celebrations we might be dealing with, we probably have a lot of end-of-year work to complete. I know I do. On all counts.

In short, I’ve been distracted.

So distracted, in fact, that I scheduled a post for today and completely forgot about it. I initially wrote it so I could promote a guest post. Then I had another guest post. And somewhere along the way, I forgot it was a “guest post” post and just used it as a regular post.

Like I said, distracted.

So, if you would take a little pity on my muddled brain, I’d like to invite you to learn a little more about When We Finally Kiss Goodnight, the novella I talked about earlier today, by visiting some of my friends.

  • Craig Boyack’s robot girl assistant, Lisa…

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Fun Friday: Join Me on Speculative Fiction Cantina

The post for Fun Friday is a day early to remind everyone that I’m being interviewed tomorrow, 12/15/2017. The appearance is on Speculative Fiction Cantina hosted by S. Evan Townsend. The show is an hour long and is hosted live on Blog Talk Radio. Here is the time for the show based on time zones (the show will also be available for replay and I’ll post the link within a day or so of the interview):

6:00 P.M. Eastern. Other time zones are:
Central: 5:00 P.M.
Mountain: 4:00 P.M.
Pacific: 3:00 P.M.

If you have time, please join us live. Also on the show will be Dana Pratola, another speculative fiction author. Evan will be interviewing both myself and Dana about our newer books but my focus will mainly be about An Arrow Against the Wind. Each author will read an excerpt during the show. Find out more about the show or my book by clicking either the links or the graphics. Click my “About the Author” graphic below to find out more about me.