Fun Friday

Fun Friday – Covering Covers for Broken Shield

Wednesday went so well, I thought I’d share another pre-made cover that interested me in my quest to self-publish the first book of my next series. While I have quite a lot of work to do on The Broken Shield Chronicles, it’s fun to consider covers based on my ideas. Since a knight plays a major role in the series, many of the pre-made covers I’m looking at such images that involve knights. It can also be helpful to see knights as I’m developing and writing this new epic fantasy which will likely have some LitRPG elements to it.

This one is call Knight’s Revenge and it’s available on The Book Cover Designer and was created by Szabo S. Renato, with photography by Katherine Tarawhiti.


This one interested me simply for the image of a knight. Again, the title is not the real title, just a place holder. I’m not as interested in this one as I am some others, but I’m open to comments. For it or against it, let me know your reaction to this pre-made cover.

To Sequel or Not to Sequel – It’s a Good Question

Hello to all the Archer’s Aim readers. Life has been a whirlwind lately but I’ve been making some progress on several writing projects. However, I wanted to pause and answer a question that seems to get bigger and bigger with each month:

Will there be another book to The Bow of Hart Saga?

Based on the number of these questions I’m getting, there likely will be another book but not as part of the core trilogy that is currently out. I know that I left the door open for another book or two and that was somewhat by design. I understand that, while I’ve wrapped up the series nicely, there are fans who want more. Honestly, the request for a sequel cropped up from my daughter who also asked for a prequel series. So, I left the saga with a bit of an opening to move toward a sequel as opportunity allowed.


Why not just write another book or two for the saga? There are several reasons not to write anything new immediately. One will become clear very soon. However, another reason is that I have several other projects in the works that are under proposal to publishers at the moment. I need to complete these as soon as I can. I’m also working on development of another series named The Broken Shield Chronicles

Yet, I have been getting the requests for more about Athson and Limbreth and I’m pleased so many people like these characters and want more from them. Since I’m getting these sequel requests, I’m happy to give readers more as soon as I can. I have begun consideration for at least a sequel and maybe another trilogy along with a prequel.

However, to provide a further taste of the world of Denaria, I’m also going to write a short series named the Goddess Veil. Each book should be short but will include some possible cameos from a few minor characters in The Bow of Hart Saga as well as a villain (readers can guess who it is). I just need some time to get this series and the sequel underway as fast as I can.

I suppose I never expected this debut series to do as well as it has so I never planned anything else except to finish what I started long ago (meaning several decades). Let me start the process now and ask readers a few questions:

Who are your favorite characters?

What do you see happening to some of these characters?

What questions do you still have about Denaria that you think would interest you in a sequel?

A few ideas have presented themselves to me so far, but I’d love to hear readers thoughts about what intrigues them so I can address them. Are you interested in learning more about Withlings? Do dwarves interest you? Are there other places you see on the big map that draw your attention? Do you want to know what happens in Hart? What will happen in Grendon?

There are any number of ways another book can go and I’m happy to consider suggestions. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below this post or contact me using my email address or other social media. If you would like to read some alpha or beta material, please let me know and we can set up a discussion group somewhere or you can join me in my Facebook or Goodreads private groups. In the meantime, look for a big announcement about The Bow of Hart Saga next week that should clarify why I’m waiting just a little while with the next editions and why I’m leaving the series in its current form as a trilogy.

Fun Friday: Books I’ve Enjoyed

Well, last Friday was a lot of fun sharing several Pinterest posts. Today, I share a couple of books I’ve enjoyed in the past.

First up is Armor by John Steakley. This is a military SciFi with a few twists that I’ve enjoyed several times over the years. As you can guess from the title, there are a number of battle scenes all surrounding hi-tech military armor. I won’t reveal the story but it’s got an ending that enjoyed. The cover is a newer version and I think I like the original – I’ll see if I can find it or take a picture of it.

Next up is one that I read over twenty years ago: Mythago Wood. This a Celtic fantasy from the 90s when these were popular. This one is still highly regarded on all-time lists. Author Robert Holdstock passed away some years ago but he did leave us with several books in the series which I’ve got to find time to actually read some time.

I hope you find these book shares interesting, maybe for starting over the weekend for some added fun. I might just join you if you do. Thanks for stopping by today.

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