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Fun Friday – What’s New Vol. 1

I’m adjusting my posting schedule a bit for a while. On Friday’s I want to share specifically about newer writing projects. On Tuesday’s, I’d like to post about whatever is on my mind so that day will be more of anything goes. On Thursday’s, I’d like to post about The Bow of Hart Saga and related news or announcements about it.

With that out of the way, let’s pay a visit to a new project brewing in my head these days. I’ve shared a bit about this one but here’s more about it. The idea is to write the books in this series in more of a pulp style meaning that they are shorter at between 50-70k words. Additionally, they are intended to be more straight forward in plotting with a goal/problem and an assumed solution with a number of twists. Since these are shorter pulp fiction novels, they will be heavier on the action.

I haven’t settled on a title for the first book but that will come as I plan it – hopefully next month. However, I think the series will be titled something like: The Hopeless Knight Chronicles or The Broken Shield Chronicles. See the poll below and vote on the series title or suggest your own based on the premise. I suppose this will be more of a semi-gritty sword and sorcery series that I think may be rather fun and entertaining.

The main character will be a knight living off his wits and skill as a former member of an elite company. He formerly served a kingdom which fell in a sudden coup. He survived but presumes no one else of his cohorts still lives. In surviving that attack he used a broken shield – meaning that it’s cracked and floppy – but it somehow never fails him. He’s kept the shield and uses it as he earns a living fighting in tournaments. Because of his unique training, he’s very successful. However, because of the danger of being discovered as a survivor of the coup, he stays on the move and doesn’t reveal his true name or background.

As such, the main character stays to himself while traveling and makes few connections among other knights he meets. Additionally, he has essentially lost hope in any grand causes or service to anything because his idealism as a member of his former unit has been destroyed in the overthrow. As you can see he’s got some problems that can present some interesting challenges, mainly whether to get involved in some worthy cause or just mind his own business.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll share a bit more and offer some polls about the title of the first book, names for the main character and even get into sharing drafts of the early chapters. Readers will be able to help shape the book and provide opinions about what I’m writing. I may even invite some frequent participants into a private group on Goodreads where I’ll share more about the first book and the series as I develop it.

Now here’s the first poll:

Thanks for taking part in the poll today. Please leave your questions, thoughts and other ideas in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Fun Friday Vol 3: 5 Announcements About My Writing Plans

I’m diverging just a little bit today and sharing some of my upcoming plans regarding the next several months or so. However, the post still involves such upcoming series like The Broken Shield Chronicles. Next week, I hope to share more of some excerpts or content I have now for The Goddess Veil that I mentioned last week.

  1. Audio is in the works for The Bow of Hart Saga. I don’t know for sure exactly which way I’ll go at this point, but it is a definite go. I may be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018 or possible into the second quarter.
  2. Print is also going to happen, just not as fast as I’d like to do it. I’m mostly ready to move forward with The Bow of Destiny since I have the print cover so I expect that to be available by Thanksgiving or as soon as distribution to online retailers can go out. The print editions of An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow will arrive as I have opportunity financially but I’ll work to prepare the print formats now. Perhaps these editions can be timed with my audio plans.
  3. I’m planning to put my current short prequels, Trading Knives and What Is Needed together with 3-4 new prequel stories but only as an e-book edition. Look for that no sooner than December if possible but I’ll share more about it as I progress.
  4. Now back to what I’ve been sharing the last few Fridays: the companion (parallel) series to The Bow of Hart Saga will be published starting with the first book – hopefully during the first quarter of 2018. This series is set in the far western lands of Denaria – even past where the giant clans live. I’ve titled this The Goddess Veil but it’s just a working title now and I’m not sure if it’s the series title or the title of the first book. I’ll share more as I progress.
  5. Not surprisingly, The Broken Shield Chronicles series is on my radar. I hope to plan the first book and publish it during the first quarter of 2018 too – though that may be a bit ambitious. The schedule is a bit fluid at this point so I’ll let it stand at that for the moment. That carries me through the next 5-6 months of work.

BONUS: I’ll have a bit of a surprise around Thanksgiving that I’ll share. It will be quite nice and something I’m pretty excited about just now.

Also, I contribute on Story Empire and we’ve been nominated for a Best Writing Blog award this year. If you have a few minutes see the details here. Please share and put in your vote with a comment on the award site linked in the post.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks for stopping and spending a few minutes here with me. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section and I’ll reply as soon as I can.