What’s on the Horizon?

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted anything except sharing other posts and helpful information. It’s been busy of late so my time to write anything for Archer’s Aim has been very limited. I may have mentioned some weeks back that I was dealing with a health situation that sapped my energy. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better and have been able to accomplish a lot in recent weeks.

The recovery is just in time for a working vacation on a cruise with the literary agency where I’m represented. I’ve been making preparations for the trip and everything on the docket for the onboard writing conference, including the opportunity to make some pitches to industry representatives. I’ve been developing all the necessary documents and sharing them with my agent which has taken needed editing time so I hope it will work in my favor when the time arrives. It may be a working vacation, but I’m looking forward to taking time to relax since I really had no opportunity to take any vacation for several years due to my time unemployed and then working as a contractor the last year. I’m looking forward to the break.

Otherwise, I’ve been hard at work with writing, trying to catch-up on projects that progressed far slower than I wanted last year. I’m happy to report I’ve completed a revision of my longest novel code-named “Mage” and turned it over to my agent. Regardless of the submission outcome, I’ll continue working on the project and progress toward publication sooner or later.

I have another project entitled, All Things Forgotten, which is a YA Fantasy Adventure with some possible gamlit elements to it. I’ve completed a revision of the manuscript and turned it over to my editor who will do me the honors of ripping it to shreds so it can be vastly improved. The work may take several more months but I’m targeting late April for a possible publication date though that might be wishful thinking and it slides into May or June. I’ll share more about the book as things progress but there’s a lot of work to complete before it’s ready.

Next is my other full-length novel code-named “Glove” which has been at a standstill for months due to my flagging efforts with the other books. I restarted work on this manuscript on the first of February and I’m well over half-way through the revision. I’m very excited about all my books but this one has been on my mind for a few months and I think it will turn out well. It will go to my agent for submissions which is why it and Mage have code-names at this point. If nothing changes, I’ll work on publishing this book around September or October but there are a number of decisions to be made as with Mage.

I have another book that is nearly completed as a rough draft. Honestly, I’ve shoved it aside for a while to fully focus on these other books and I’m just about ready return to work on it. It’s my Hopeless Knight book and the manuscript is likely only a few days of dictation away from being completed, after which, I’ll delve into revising it to send to my editor as we work through rounds of editing. This book is more of a sword and sorcery with some possible gamlit elements mixed into it. I like it a lot and hope to publish it during the mid or late-summer. I’ve got so many books in the mill from my work last year that I can start releasing them as soon as they are ready and this one will be in the mix.

What’s next? Well, I will continue editing but I’m also going to begin plotting the next books for each series that I’ve started, then dictating them. Additionally, work on the parallel short sequel to The Bow of Hart Saga will go into development for possible publication late this year, probably early next year. Likewise, I will begin plotting and developing the longer, direct sequel to The Bow of Hart Saga for publication sometime next year. The short sequel is necessary to set-up some of the elements of the sequel that involves Athson and Limbreth so that’s the delay and not all the other books in the hopper.

Dictation will become a daily process once again as I begin work on all the next books. I expect to churn out quite a few rough drafts throughout the rest of the year and then editing for publication throughout 2020. It will be busy but, as long as I retain my energy, I should accomplish quite a lot since I’ve proven to myself how much editing I can accomplish in a short time. I’ll keep moving forward and share developments as soon as I can. Thanks for reading today!


The Bow of Hart Sequel in Play

The Bow of Hart Saga

It’s been over a year since the last book of The Bow of Hart Saga was released and the last audiobook version launch just last week. I’m working on print editions to arrive soon too.

Over the last year, I’ve dictated drafts of the beginning books of four entirely new fantasy series and I’m currently working on some edits for those. I’m a bit up in the air about how those will be published, especially two of them that could go traditional, hybrid or self-published routes. I’m enjoying developing those new books very much though the progress has been much slower than I want. Those books should make an appearance this year depending on what happens and I’m looking forward to completing them as soon as I can. It’s nice to have a back-log of writing which I plan to start releasing as soon as I can so look for that publishing schedule over the next several months.

Lately, I’ve been toying with the ideas of a sequel to The Bow of Hart Saga. It’s all in the very raw, beginning stages and I don’t even know how many books it will involve – but it will be either a stand-alone book or a series of three books. It will be developed around Athson and Limbreth as readers can imagine. What exactly will happen? Well, I’m not saying just now but it will get interesting throughout the book(s).

One detail I know for sure, I will be developing a parallel novella series that I’ve already considered for over a year. Part of it is written and would entail some background to what’s to come based on a new character from another part of Denaria, far in the west, beyond the lands inhabited by the giants. I do know this little series will have plenty of adventure and a heavier role for giant characters. In the end, it will point toward the new series to wrap-up everything around Athson and Limbreth. My hope is to develop the entire series and release the editions close together as well as the one I’m considering about our star-crossed lovers.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll share more about all my writing developments as they progress. In the meantime, please follow me on Amazon, BookBub, Facebook and Goodreads. I’ve been working on private groups for fans on the latter two so contact me if you are interested. I plan to share more of what’s happening with new books in these locations. Contact me directly if you are interested in being a member where I’ll share some special information as books move toward publication.

Thanks for reading today and your interest in The Bow of Hart Saga. Just a reminder if you haven’t had time to read all of the series yet, An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow, while all three are now available on Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

Behind the Scenes: The Latest Developments

Things have been a little slow here on Archer’s Aim but I’ve been very busy. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes developments over the last few weeks.

As I recently announced, Podium Publishing has cast a narrator for the audiobook production of The Bow of Hart Saga. I am still working on the full list of pronunciations for the narrator, and a few expanded character sketches. However, I have found out that, while the release date is not yet specifically decided, the most likely month will be September. That’s very exciting news to know at this point and I expect to have a specific date within a few months since production is soon to begin.

Otherwise, in addition to my day job I have also been working on a little bit of freelance writing. I take these freelance assignments to help supplement my writing income and assist with any costs that I incur with my writing. The assignments generally are not very long so I can work through them within a matter of days. When I alleviated my recent logjam, one the things which I decided was that my freelance work would be an acceptable pivot from fiction for a short period of time, so I don’t view these as a disruption, just a temporary shift from my main projects.

Even with the freelance assignment, I am still making progress on some of my books. I have two code-names for the novels on which I am working now, both being the first book of a the series. One project I call “Mage”, and the other one I call “Glove”. I completed Mage some weeks back and have been busily working on a polished rough draft for proposals to traditional publishers should they be requested. Of course, I have no expectation that traditional publishers will choose either of these books, so I am considering my options otherwise. Since Mage is a rather long book already, I am thinking in terms of approaching hybrid publishers should traditional publishers bypass this book. I believe that, since this book is longer, I may be able to produce it at a lower cost but with a bigger, broader production in a variety of formats. I don’t have any word yet from proposals, but I do hope to make some decisions with it in the next month or so.

Glove is still in progress, but I am getting very close to completing the rough draft. Since it was a much shorter book, it is taking a lot less time to complete it than Mage. Regardless, the dictation has made a big difference with the pace of progress for both of these projects. Like Mage, Glove is also being offered to traditional publishers. I am more likely to self-publish this book if it is not traditionally published, since this shorter book will cost me less. However, it may be advantageous for me to use a hybrid publisher since I can more easily gain print distribution to bookstores and libraries.

This leads me to another consideration which has been on my mind. Since The Bow of Hart Saga will be published as an audiobook later this year, I am very interested in going to print. I originally only published the series in e-book format because it was far less expensive for me to accomplish. However, since the series has sold so well, and considering that I had never published anything else while the first two books have won some awards, I am very interested in seeing the series distributed to bookstores and available to libraries. This goal is much easier to achieve if I go through a hybrid publisher. However, it means giving up the high royalty rate for e-books. I have found one hybrid publisher which does offer a much higher possible royalty so I will probably approach this one about taking over the series since it is largely a shovel-ready project. One of the main concerns which I have at this point regarding the series is that I may will be reaching the ceiling for managing the self-publication. Since I have gotten back to a day job, my time to dedicate to my writing is far shorter so I’m interested in getting more out the series with the most effective effort.

Additionally, as I expect to finish Glove sometime this week as an initial rough draft, I will be moving on to developing and dictating a novella. This next project will most likely be a LitRPG series which will be a bit different for me. My approach will likely be to compose the major part of the story-line, and then go back to fill-in all of the various details for this type of book. It will take quite a lot development to make sure that it is a worthy story for the genre. I also have several other LitRPG ideas that I would like to develop in this manner, as well as some regular fantasy.

I have quite a lot to work on and keep me busy but I am thankful that I have discovered dictation as an incredibly handy tool for me so that I can accomplish quite a lot very quickly. My goal this year is to increase the amount of content which I offer to readers, while providing quality. My forays with traditional or hybrid publishers is included in my goals where possible.

Look for more announcements as soon as I have any information but consider that Glove is pretty much completed this week. I will begin dictating a new rough draft very soon and I’m excited to be able to move through projects so quickly and hope to begin releasing shorter projects as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if my novel projects are picked up by a publisher, those will be dependent upon production schedules beyond my control.

Thanks for reading today. As usual, your thoughts and questions are welcome any comments section.