From Pre-Published to Publication Pt 4: Crowdfunding Campaign

Last week I announced my intentions with my WIP The Bow of Destiny. Today I am updating my status on the plans.

IndieGoGo: The Choice

I’ve seen any number of crowdfunding campaigns on several services that have worked. While I have not signed up for a campaign with IndieGoGo that is the choice I am currently leaning toward. While Kickstarter has a higher success rate, IndieGoGo takes on a larger number of projects. Also IndieGoGo offers flexibility with partial funding available – after all not all projects fail to meet goals due to poor product but rather, its the attainable reach. Lastly, IndieGoGo makes the funding immediately available at the end of the campaign which helps with the rather tight schedule I am keeping. Pubslush has also been a consideration and if anyone using that service has some thoughts and reasons regarding their use of the service I’m willing to consider them.

Campaign Planning

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will need some initial artwork and a book trailer to launch the campaign on IndieGoGo. These visuals are very important for the campaign and also gives me more to show my growing number of followers. I am contacting an artist service today and hope to announce more timing on the project based on turn-around time later in the week. One of the factors in choice here is reasonable cost.

Beta Feedback

I began receiving feedback from my beta reader this weekend on the early chapters. There were some minor suggestions but it has been mainly well received so far. If anyone wishes to serve as a beta reader please let me know and we can discuss it.

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I’ve slightly re-adjusted my current revision schedule for the book but still hope to complete this in time to turn over to my editor in August. Which means I will be editing again in September in preparation for release later in the fall if all things go well. The precise date is still fluid at this point but I will nail that detail down as I go.

Further Needs

I am investigating how to transfer my world map to digital format for inclusion into the book. Right now I have an old hand-drawn map that probably needs a professional touch to it. Any suggestions on this issue are welcome.

Campaigns I’m Currently Supporting

Daniel Adorno has one on Pubslush for The Blade Heir.
Claribel Ortega also has one on Pubslush for Emerald Kipp & The Riddle of The Timekeeper.
Please check these campaigns out and consider supporting their efforts. Regarding the latter project, the author plans to fund a booth at the New York Comic Con and is considering inclusion of indie author material in her promotional bag for those who are interested like me.

If you have a project that you would like me to consider supporting, send me an email at

That’s it for today. Look for more announcements this week. Please leave comments regarding crowdfunding services and why you have, or will, choose one. Please follow this blog be email, click the follow buttons for the blog and my Facebook page as well as follow me on Twitter @ph_solomon.

Thanks for your support, follows and for reading,

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