Month: April 2018

Fantasy Authors Unplugged: New Release from James Derry

I’m excited about this new release from James Derry since I’ve enjoyed all the books in his previous series, Idyll.

This new book is his first foray into fantasy entitled, Myths of the Fallen City (Groundbreakers Book 1). Here’s the blurb:

The land of Embhra is ruled by magic—and it’s ruining everything.

Gods and sorcerers jealously hoard their power, and innocent people everywhere are suffering for the cause of those who wield magic. Sygne and Jamal are hoping they can change that. She’s a scientist. He’s a former soldier and aspiring poet-singer.

With her brains and his bravado, they might just make a difference. It also helps that they are on course to find a primordial Ancient One that might hold the key to changing the entire world. Not so helpful: both a war goddess and a love goddess want to see them dead!

The ‘Scientician’ and the Singing Swordsman begin their first groundbreaking adventure in this short-length novel.


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I’ve already started and found it interesting. Looking forward to the rest of the book to see how this pair fare in Embhra against powerful enemies and the problematic magic.

About the Author

James Derry has been writing or drawing stories since the day his parents let him borrow a ballpoint pen. That’s when he created his first magnum opus in blue ink: a comic-book parody of Ghostbusters called ‘Roastbusters.’ Hey, he was ten.

He studied art in college (The University of Georgia), and eventually his aspirations shifted from being an illustrator to being a graphic designer. He returned to writing ten years ago after meeting his wife. He currently resides in Atlanta and spends large chunks of his free time working on (and reworking) a variety of fiction projects.

Connect with James Derry at his website.


Archer’s Aim Daily Vol. 98

I see lots of new book releases in today’s edition plus several interesting posts with lists of other interesting books – Source


This is a good list of five books. I’ve only gotten to read Into the Wyld which was a lot of fun.


Today, the guys in the Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday group have an interesting topic, one which is straight forward and to the point: “Ideal Mash-Ups — You know those comp titles they list in synopses that read something like “perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones”! What would be some of your favorite mash ups, that would make you pick up a book? “A mix of ________ and ___________.

To be honest, I’ve become a bit suspicious whenever books are advertised like this.  Guess I’ve purchased too many loser books which were suppose to be a mixture of Tolkien and Game of Thrones.  But I can certainly list a few mash-ups which would excite me enough to take a longer look at a novel.

kings-of-the-wyld5. George R.R. Martin meets Terry Pratchett!

Think of it: jokes, cleverness, and still enough violence and blood to satisfy even…

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