Archer’s Aim Weekly Progress Report – 4/22/2022

When will the next volume of The Cursed Mage Case files arrive? Find out in this week’s Archer’s Aim progress report.

Hi all! PH here with a progress update for the week. This is a new series for me as I detail some of what I’m doing each week. It’s a way for me to keep myself going by posting each week. The update format will likely change over time until I’m comfortable with the feel of the posts. Now for what happened this week.

This Week With The Unseen Hand

The Unseen Hand cover is ready and waiting for the book release.

This week, I took a long look at where I am with The Unseen Hand. This review was helpful as I dug into how long it will take me to complete the next volume of The Cursed Mage Case Files. I started by estimating how many days each section of the book would take to revise plus copy editing, formatting and other preparation details. This assessment was very honest and I arrived at a mid-June completion date of everything up to formatting.

As a result of this appraisal, I’m giving myself until at least mid-August for release. It’s a soft date that could slide closer or further out based on my progress, especially over the next several weeks. If progress is faster, then release will be sooner. The closer I get to a finished book, the better I can determine when to set the release date. I think I should have a pretty good idea of the date within a few weeks.

Why am I being conservative with the release date? The last release was done with about thirty or forty-five days lead. There were quite a lot of details that were not finished and then I contracted Covid several weeks before the launch and haven’t been the same since. As a result, The Order of the Dark Rose didn’t get the proper release it should have gotten and, while it has sold well over the last year and a half plus, it could have been better with a more robust release. I’m planning to release The Unseen Hand with a broader plan. Advanced release copies will be available and more blog posts for the series will be written. I may even complete a growing series companion. There are other plans for promotion that need my attention so I need appropriate time to build toward the release.

This Week With Other Writing Projects

Place holder image for A Charm in the Hand, Book 1 of The Black Glove

What else happened this week? I also reviewed where I stand with The Nine Jewel Heist, Volume 3 of The Cursed Mage Case Files. Again, this book will go into in-depth revision as soon as possible after The Unseen Hand is completed. This book is intended to be launched later this year so my intention is to put myself on the clock for completing the work.

Additionally, A Charm in the Hand, Book 1 of The Black Glove, is almost ready for an editorial review. The plan is to complete that revision to send to my editor ASAP so there’s a chance to release that book this year too. It needs about 8,000 words edited which won’t take too long to complete. I’ve even gotten most of it posted to my Reedsy account where I’ll produce a draft copy for my editor. This book is much further along than it seems due to the nature of the story. I hope to share more about it over the next weeks and months and I think it will be the beginning of an entertaining series.

This Week With Miscellaneous Projects

I’m also planning an overhaul of the site with a new theme. It’s something to juggle, but this is necessary since viewing on the mobile version of the site is somewhat limited. The change is overdue so I want to push this along over the next month parallel with work on The Unseen Hand and getting A Charm in the Hand off to my editor.

Archer's Aim Press

Archer’s Aim Press logo

What else is going on? I’ve been planning to launch an imprint for print books this year. I’m behind on this project, so I plan to push it along. There’s some lifting to do, but it’s mainly smaller tasks for existing books. Readying the books is mainly having the imprint stood up with a basic website, obtaining ISBNs registered to the imprint, and putting these into distribution through Ingram. The goal here is to make the print books available to bookstores so there will be some marketing material to create. The goal is to possibly have it all ready for the release of The Unseen Hand and the following books.

Once The Unseen Hand is ready along with the website and the imprint, I hope to clear time to spend on outlining, world-building, and drafting books for publication next year. It’s important to make progress on several projects to free up creative time in addition to editing and revision.

The Unseen Hand is submitted to Podium Audio which could affect the entire Cursed Mage Case Files series.

Oh yeah, I’ve submitted The Unseen Hand to my audio publisher, Podium Audio. If there’s interested, this should get audio on the launching pad for all of The Cursed Mage Case Files series. If this doesn’t work out, I’ve got a few ideas for audio I’ll pursue at a later time

Otherwise, The Order of the Dark Rose is on sale at 99 cents through 4/24. I’m planning more items for listings in the merchandise store. I’m also looking into digital products for the NFT market as well as possible 3D figures. Stay tuned for these developments.

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The Bow of Hart Saga Sequel Publication Updates

Happy Monday, everyone. With my recent return to more active work, specific updates to my writing schedule are in order. Here’s what’s next for The Bow of Hart Saga & The Cursed Mage Case Files.

The Cursed Mage Case Files

The Unseen Hand is still moving slowly. Artwork has not yet arrived. I’m digging out of the pile of unfinished work that needs my attention, like the site and blog posts. What is outstanding is a lot of work to push into a short amount of time. I remain committed to publication of the book this year. But a launch early this month is very unlikely. I’ll report more about this progress later this week. 

Publication Schedule & The Bow of Hart Saga Sequels

Writing UpdatesMy publication schedule has already been announced covering the next year. Here’s a change in that schedule.

For quite a while now I’ve been receiving requests through reviews, email and a few comments on the site requesting more of The Bow of Hart Saga. To confirm my intentions, yes, there will be sequel books to this series. The original series is already completed and Podium Audio published all three of the books under contract. For this reason, the planned sequel must be published separately.

The Bow of Hart Saga PrintIn order to accommodate the increasing requests for more of Athson and Limbreth, I now have to change my schedule . I already have several books planned for publication this year and next. Due to my health issues, I have not begun any work on new books covering the world of Denaria. I do have material partially drafted for a parallel series that sets up what’s to come regarding Athson and Limbreth.

The plan is to publish this parallel series since it sets up what is to come in the sequel for the main characters. Likewise, I’ve already begun an outline of the sequel series and intend beginning a rough draft as soon as possible.

However I do have much of the upcoming year covered with work on The Cursed Mage Case Files and the first book of the Black Glove series. The updated schedule includes publication of Denaria-related books during the last half of next year at the earliest (unless something changes). That’s as fast as I can publish anything for that series since it will require editing and work for cover art.


The Order of the Dark Rose is already releasedI do encourage anyone interested in my writing to delve into The Cursed Mage Case Files in the meantime as that series will continue to grow and is quite a lot of fun. I will update more of my writing schedule regarding The Bow of Hart as I begin work on it during the next few months, so stay tuned here for news or join my email list and text list to receive additional information as it develops.

Thanks to everyone interested in more from Athson and Limbreth. The interest really lets me know that I wrote something many people like and want more of. If you are a fan of that series, one thing you can do for it is to share it with as many people as you can over social media or anywhere else you can think of as well as talk it up. I will be sharing printable bookmarks for that series as soon as I can and you are welcome to print them and share them with friends. I do have an announcements coming soon about additional ways to share with other people.

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by to read the update. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Here are some updated links (there are some official announcements to come soon about one of these).

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Hardcover Release: The Bow of Destiny

The long road for The Bow of Destiny continues with its hardcover release today.

Today is an unusual release for me. I never considered hardcover until recently, but the opportunity presented itself. I jumped on it and I’m rather enthused about the outcome. I got the draft of the new print format and loved it. I don’t know how much it will sell but I’m willing to take the chance on it being another option for readers. It’s not intended, but it’s useful, a topic I’ll share in more detail later.

For now, it’s time for the hardcover release. This book has come a long way. It’s history started more than three decades ago. It was once offered a publishing contract from a small publisher. It wasn’t a great situation so the manuscript lay dormant for some years until I decided to cut my self-publishing teeth on it. Much to my surprise, the single e-book sold well and garnered an audio contract. The book has come full-circle with the hardcover edition available today.

Read on for a short excerpt and more about the the book:

Arrows screeched by his head. “Arrows!” He hoped she heard. He kicked his gelding. It was labored though it ran hard.

They surged from the pursuit as more arrows whizzed past. Athson leaned low over his horse’s neck. Limbreth cried out in pain. The white mare slowed, and Athson’s horse overtook her and matched the mare’s pace.

He shouted over the noise of thundering hooves. “Where are you hurt?”

“Arm.” Limbreth gritted her teeth. Like a shadow, the dark arrow and blood trailed on her lighter clothing and soaked her left arm. They slowed and the trolls rushed closer. “Break it!” Limbreth snarled through gritted teeth. Her sword quivered as her arm lost strength.

He reached for the arrow as they slowed to a trot. He braced one hand against her as she leaned into him with a moan. With the other hand, he snapped off the feathered end of the arrow. He caught a glimpse of her face twisted in pain as he tore the arrow from her arm.

Trolls rushed closer and arrows sang death near them.

“Ride.” Limbreth’s weak voice countered the strength of her kicks to the mare’s flanks.

Athson trailed behind her. Harsh voices snarled ahead, and Limbreth’s horse thundered into more trolls. They screeched beneath the mare’s hooves. He sensed more trolls struggling out of the underbrush. Limbreth swayed in her saddle, but the mare galloped away.

Athson’s horse labored but followed. “Hang on!”

Tense moments passed, but the sight of lights hove into view away in the distance.

Athson urged the horse on, but it slowed and snorted. A groan of effort rolled from the gelding. Limbreth’s horse thundered on and she bobbed atop her mare.

Athson’s gelding broke pace altogether and slowed to a trembling stop. Athson dismounted, aware that trolls raced toward him. The horse collapsed, and he glimpsed several arrows sticking out of the gelding’s chest and lower neck. Blood gushed and stained its coat.

Trolls howled along the trail. Athson wheeled from the dying horse. They were too close. A few ill-aimed arrows whistled past him.

Athson hefted his sword against the fastest of the trolls. He slashed at kobolds and several fell amid spurting blood.

Hobgoblins and bugbears leaped at him.

Spark jumped among them and tore out a throat. Athson gasped. The trolls leapt back, on-guard for what attacked them.

Limbreth’s white mare suddenly charged past him into the boiling mass of trolls. Bodies flew aside, and the trolls fell back in momentary confusion.

“Come on, vermin!” Limbreth’s horse stood exposing her good right arm. Her left arm still shook. The rising moon gleamed on her pale clothing, her swords and her white horse. She glimmered silver in the light.

The trolls hesitated.

“Cowards!” Limbreth charged into them.

Athson leapt over his horse with a wordless shout. He hacked and slashed at the nearest trolls. Limbreth pummeled with the hilt of her one usable sword and slashed at the trolls lunging at her.

More about The Bow of Destiny: Book 1 of The Bow of Hart Saga

When his dead father touched his hand, Athson almost dropped the arrow.
– The Bow of Destiny

bow of destinyHaunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

Athson suffered hallucinations ever since he was orphaned, including a dog no one else sees. The will in his possession, bestowed in a dream, can’t be real. But the trolls now hunting him are. A destiny, both inconvenient and unavoidable, drags Athson into an unwanted quest that challenges all his assumptions.

Can he trust anyone?

Sworn to secrecy by his dead father about the bow, Athson wants nothing to do with it. A dragon and a wizard want the bow – and Athson dead. Running from the quest and his destiny are tempting options.

Then he finds something unexpected.

Will his discovery destroy him before he recovers the bow?

If you love classic fantasy with new ideas, read The Bow of Destiny because it’s quietly addictive..

Find The Bow of Destiny at Amazon

About the Author:

IMG_4154-EditMulti retailer Bestselling Author, Fantasia Reviews Book of the Year Author 2017 & 2018

U. S. author, P. H. Solomon grew up with a love of books including fantasy. Always interested in odd details, history and the world around him, P. H. has found an outlet in writing where he mixes a wide range of interests from the regular world, history and anthropology into his fantasy books.

His epic fantasy series, The Bow of Hart Saga, brought a fresh viewpoint to the genre where magic, myth and mysticism mingle. Described by readers as a “mixture of the classic fantasy past with new ideas.”

Trading Knives (0.1)
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The Bow of Destiny #1
An Arrow Against the Wind #2
The White Arrow #3

The latest series, The Cursed Mage Case Files is a mash-up of classic Sherlock Holmes, The Dresden Files and Harry Potter into a unique fantasy world where magic is both an arcane practice and a technological power to be harnessed. Join Mandlefred Mandeheim and Wishton Ackford as they team up to investigate magical mysteries.

The Order of the Dark Rose #1
The Unseen Hand #2 (upcoming)
The Nine Jewel Heist #3 (upcoming)

More books:

Curses Dark and Foul
The Black Bag

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