5 Counter-Intuitive Reasons to Read this Book this Summer

An Arrow Against the Wind was released in late April right into the vacation season over the last several months but it’s setting is more wintry. With vacations wrapping up this month, here are 5 reasons why you should consider reading it this summer:

  1. It’s a walk in the mountains so it’s much cooler than all those summer destinations in other books.
  2. Did I mention the temperature is cooler? Well, it really is – as in blizzard conditions. Read this book, as opposed to all those “steamy” books and it just might help keep you – or your beverage of choice – frosty in the heat and humidity!
  3. You’ll gasp. Seriously, much of the book takes place in high altitudes so you’ll have to gasp at what happens instead of all those “hot” (see #2) books that just make you sweat more.
  4. You won’t get sunburned from this book. I mean, look at the cover – cold weather. You might get wind-chapped if you’re really into the book but not sunburned and that’s a plus when you return from vacation.
  5. It has a layover in a cool location where there aren’t as many people in your mind as there are at the airport. And the food is better than the airport too! As an added bonus, it doesn’t have all those over priced rides and souvenir shops crowded with all those people smelling vaguely like sun-tan lotion and sweat.

So there you have it: reading An Arrow Against the Wind can help you cope with the summer heat while you get some epic fantasy adventure out of it.

Find out more about the entire series at The Bow of Hart Saga page.

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The Weekly Writing Round-up

Last week was rather busy for a number of reasons so I didn’t get a chance to share all that’s happening. I finished the rough draft of The White Arrow, as noted by the announcement last week, is now in pre-order and off to my editor. That pre-order process was more involved than I intended but I finally completed all the work around it.

I had intended to get more done on a new project last week but work on The White Arrow seemed to swallow all the time for it. This week is feels much better for gearing up with the new project with a nice start. I’m working on a new novel in a new series for the first time in a very long time while The White Arrow is off getting tuned up. I’ll work on this new project as far as I can until it’s time to finish the final details on The White Arrow.

I’ve held off on this post because I’ve been working on another bit of news that’s baring fruit as I write. Not to give anything away just yet, but, I’ve been contacted for an opportunity to expand The Bow of Hart Saga into another format which I’m now taking into consideration. I’ll pass along the specifics when there’s more to report but this looks very promising.

In more mundane news, we finally finished with the daily rain pattern so it’s now hot and muggy most days. I have to go running either in the morning or very late in the evening to avoid the extreme heat index which has been over 100 several days.

We recently took the dogs out to a local park which had a lake and our male went for a swim. He got into a splash battle with my wife and daughter – yes, he actually did! It’s unbelievable how much that dog loves swimming. He’s a little older so it helped him with his arthritis.

For those who have become fans of our cat, Minou, he’s quickly headed toward full-grown status, though he’s still just as playful as ever. He’s even gotten our male dog into playing between the stair rails. It’s almost time to put him to work catching chipmunks around the house since he keeps practicing for that job with his antics. He knows when someone comes home because the dogs bark, sending him to the window to check. He’s also on the same dining schedule at the dogs and quite vocal about making sure he’s included in the food service!That’s all for this week for this writing update. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back with more updates next week or post anything big in an announcement.

On Your Mark! Get Set! Start Using Scrivener!

Scrivener is a powerful writing tool. I write about it weekly with tips and usage ideas. To read more of my posts click the Scrivener tag or category at the end of the page. Just as a note, I’ll be changing the schedule of my Scrivener posts to Friday in the near future to accommodate my novel’s release in September as well as several events that will occur on Mondays. Expect 2 posts next week and thereafter they will appear on Friday!

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Starting LineIf you’ve ever run a race you know what happens. You get to the line, wait for the signal to start and your off! You don’t think what to do you just run – you just have to be aware of your starting pace.

However, when it comes to other tasks it may not be so obvious how to begin.  In fact, it’s often difficult to begin using something new like Scrivener when you don’t even know where to begin. You can easily just stare at the open screen and do nothing or even give up on using it altogether. I recently received just such a question and here’s my answer with more details.

I do suggest that anyone starting with Scrivener clear time to work through the tutorial. It’s a lot of information but it gives you some experience working with the software interface. The tutorial will give anyone starting out a sense of Scrivener’s flexible design power.

But what should you do after you’ve completed the tutorial? Well, start a project. It’s easy enough to begin – choose File and click on New Project. You’ll choose what project template to use, name your project and then browse to the location where you want to save it all.

Scriv New Project

After that, start using some of what you learned in the tutorial to organize and customize your project. Use the Binder to organize you folders and documents into an a working structure – don’t worry if you need to make changes with this later, it’s quite easy with Scrivener. Next use the editor to configure the format of your documents. This is much like using any other editor in that you need to choose the details of your font and spacing – just be aware that Scrivener doesn’t wrap pictures.

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Next week, I’ll dig a little deeper into beginning your Scrivener usage and other features you may want to use soon to take advantage of Scrivener’s development power. In the meantime, you may find some of my other posts and a few of these links from Literature and Latte helpful as well:


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