7 Less Common Ways to Follow P. H. Solomon

Readers can connect with me via social media and a few other ways. Here are the ones you may not know about…

I’m always thrilled when readers contact me. A couple of years back, a friend of a friend got called me on the phone to ask about getting The White Arrow and gushed about his enjoyment of The Bow of Hart Saga. I was more than happy to listen and help the caller find the book.

That call and a few emails makes me realize that not everyone knows how to find me or where the books are. Here are some ways to follow me that you may not have realized (I’ll end this post with a list of the more common social media links you may want).

Lesser Known Ways to Follow My Work

First, you can find me at my Amazon Author Page. Here you can view all my books in every format they are available (especially on the book page where you can click between e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audio). You can read my bio as well as see posts from this site ported into the page. From individual book pages on Amazon (or most any retailer where a book is available) you can usually share the book on Twitter and Facebook. Shares are always welcome. You can also follow me on Amazon by clicking the follow button on my author page. Click the link or the icon to view the page and follow.

BookBub is another site where you can find my books. It’s both a reader community where you can recommend books as well as a promotional service for authors. The site is popular among reads. Readers can also sign-up for daily email book deals and announcements of new books.

Goodreads is another reader community, but authors are also present too. Writers can post an author profile, offer giveaways, interact with readers, answer questions, and host groups. I answer questions and host a private fan group named Marston’s Station which is a place name in The Bow of Hart Saga. It’s a growing group where I’m posting first view information, news, and some little-known deals. Your invited to join, but this link is only good for 30 days so let me know if you need an updated link.

Even Less Known Ways to Follow Me

Some of these site are just not thought of enough by readers looking to follow developments from authors, but they can be engaging and helpful:

My audio publisher is Podium Audio. The books currently covered are the three full-length novels from The Bow of Hart Saga and the two prequels (Trading Knives and What Is Needed) which are only available from my newsletter sign-up. Podium also graciously provides me with an author page and a list of associated audio books. You can find logos to follow me from this page on Podium’s site.

Wattpad is more of writer development and reader site. But you can find quite a lot about a writer there too. I’ve posted some free content from some of my works and try to add some regularly. This is another place to follow where you can often find some newer content as well as samples. If you like the feel of something in development, this is a good place to visit and follow me.

Reddit is a popular social media platform with a wide range of topics. Authors are not usually too active on this site, but you can find me there and interact with me, even leave comments in groups related to Fantasy books. It can be an interesting web community.

This one is not exactly a social media, but it is very handy for e-book readers. Authorgraph allows you to request digital autographs you can place inside an e-book. Instructions are included and you can ask for the autograph at any time. This is especially good for me since I don’t get to book conventions (maybe sometime soon) so it’s a good way to hand out autographs. If you request one, please share the link on social media so others will know about it.

The Usual Ways to Connect:

As promised, here are the more common ways to connect with me. Of course, you are welcome to connect via this site and leave comments too:

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Invitation: Online Autograph Party!

I wanted to announce that I’m hosting my own author event next week. It’s a little bit short-notice so everyone please share this post. I’ve been a bit busy lately so the date got close I hadn’t shared the event yet. If you don’t mind, please help out by supporting my Headtalker for the event.

What’s the event? For starters, I’m going to post where you can go to request a digital autograph from me to use with your digital version The Bow of Destiny or An Arrow Against the Wind. That’s right, I’m hosting a digital autograph session for readers. Just look for next Friday’s post that will run all weekend and I’ll respond to your request for an autograph.


Also, I’ll be available to answer any questions about the books that readers may have. It’s a great time to ask me anything about my writing and have discussions with me in the comments section of the post. You can even respond to comments from other participants as you like. I’ll also post some questions of my from the books for answers in the comments.

Additionally, I may be convinced to share a few prizes – a bit of a surprise for visitors and readers to the my site over the course of next weekend. Details will be in the post.

Lastly, I might just have a little sneak-peek of the cover of The White Arrow available to share with everyone. I’ve been working with my artist this week and we making good progress on it. I might just have the blurb written to share too.

So if you have a little time over next weekend, drop by Archer’s Aim, say hello and let’s have a little fun talking about reading. Get an autograph while you’re here and maybe get a good peek at what’s coming in a few months with the The White Arrow.