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It’s easy to see that I’m in the middle of my own Indiegogo campaign for the Bow of Destiny. However, one thing has become clear over the last few days – SPAM. It seems there are those who flock around campaigns in search of money. FLASH: I’m raising money because I have a limited budget! Circumstances have left our two-income household with one income at the moment so I’m running things on a shoestring.

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Photo from the book trailer for The Bow of Destiny

Now that I have that out of the way I want to make an offer no fellow campaigner can refuse. There are plenty of people who offer services and tweets/shares for something. I choose to offer nothing for simply passing word along for any worthy crowdfunding campaign – not even a retweet from you – though you can choose to do so on your own. So there it is – I will tweet when I can, as I can for your campaign and ask nothing back at all. If you know someone running a campaign then let them know I will provide a bit of assistance for FREE – though not unlimited since I have another life. If the requests come in thick then it will take a while to follow-up so be patient – it’s little ol’ me.

Do you need tweet/shares for your campaign? Leave comments below and I will get to them as best I can.

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