Archer’s Aim Weekly Progress Report – Thru 5/16/2022

Read about this week’s progress by P. H. Solomon with The Unseen Hand and other projects.

Hello and Happy Monday to everyone! PH here with a weekly progress report. This weekly post is meant to keep me honest about how much I’m doing as well as keep readers informed. As such, the post format may change as some projects progress or roll off the active list due to completion. Regardless, my intention is to keep everyone informed of progress on various items, especially new books up to release. Let’s get started!

Apologies for last week’s missed post, but there was an unforeseen issue with an incident on the highway. Just to be brief, my car was struck by a pick-up truck bed-liner which came out of the truck bed in the wind. There was a spool of weed-trimmer line inside the liner so the windshield was smashed along with a nice dent in the hood. I was blessed to walk away with hardly a scratch. That incident could have been worse. The car is in the shop for who knows how long.

The previous week was rather up and down because I wore myself out with a busy prior week writing as well as other events. My brain fog and fatigue shifted me into low gear. I’m trying to pace myself otherwise and stick to my tried and true revision format.

The Unseen Hand

Work on The Unseen Hand has been uneven. I’ve taken measure to work on pacing myself and shifting back to a familiar revision format that keeps me on track (maybe at some point I’ll discuss the specifics). With a slight shift in approach and taking breaks, I’m back to making steady progress.

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I expect to make good progress this week and stay on track with the schedule which is completing the revision by 6/15 and publication by mid-August. This is my main priority, but I’m willing to let the date slide due to fluid developments (see more below).

Pushing this series forward is a big deal since so much content has been written already. I also want to free up time to begin work on additional books in each series I have in flight.

A Charm in the Hand

Work on this manuscript sputtered with my up and down life of late. However, I’m using my revision approach on this phase of the book to get it to my editor ASAP. There’s really not that much left to completing the current phase, so I want to get this off my plate this week, if possible.

There, I set that goal and we’ll see if I can make it or not.

I’ll need a cover soon, regardless. I need to brainstorm ideas for my artist.

Added Project: All Things Forgotten

A sudden opportunity has crossed my path through SFWA. I can submit a book to a promotion starting in October. Since the planning is months in advance, the submission deadline is 5/31.

All Things Forgotten is a draft I’ve had in my back pocket for a couple of years, but the plot fits the promotional theme. Since I have a fit, I’m going to give the book a chance and try to complete a whirlwind revision for the submission. It won’t be the final version, but it will get my foot in the door for the promotion. I’ll still have time to complete the book for publication by no later than 10/22. I’ll give it a whirl and see if I can make the deadline. If I do, this will be injected into the publishing schedule and I’ll order a cover for it (requiring another brainstorm).

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More news about this one next week if it’s going to make it or not.

Miscellaneous Projects

The same projects remain on my radar:

  1. Upgrading Archer’s Aim (this site) to a newer theme. However, I want to really take the site to a new level, so with the  other priority, I’m considering a business upgrade…
  2. Archer's Aim PressThe imprint is well underway at this time:
    • I delayed my ISBN purchase due to some business decisions.
    • Business cards did arrive.
    • Design plans for the imprint website are decided.
    • Print editions will be in preparation rather soon (depending on the ISBNs)

However, I’ve decided I need to improve my business along with the creation of the imprint and upgrading this site. To that end, I’m considering either crowdfunding or securing a small business loan to better cover expenses for the business including marketing and book production. It would mean having the chance to hire out the upgrade to this site as well as the creation of the imprint site. Contracting work on the sites and some other details would create a large time savings allowing me to produce the books while not taxing my available energy. It’s a consideration for taking the next steps forward. If I move into crowdfunding, I’ll share the details and how anyone can lend a hand.

There’s no update from Podium at this time. I don’t know how long the evaluation will be, but it could be several weeks before I know something. If the result is positive, I’ll share ASAP.

Here’s the past post about the subject for those who are interested:

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The Unseen Hand submitted to my audio publisher, Podium Audio

I might also mention that I’m looking into a few other changes including production of a few more short books including another anthology, a few prequels for each series and some bundles of these in different combinations, plus some extra Cursed Mage cases for fun. Regardless, I do have a total of 4 new series underway with more to come from The Bow of Hart Saga Cycle. Moving to a larger business model will help me get back to mainly writing rather than spending so much time on other details. It’s time for a change!

That’s all for the week that was. I hope readers get an idea of what it’s like for a self-publishing author, let alone any author. It’s always busy since this post doesn’t cover the rest of what needs my attention, as well as my health concerns.

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  1. Seems like it’s always busy. Glad your freeway adventure turned out as good as it did. Hope the car issues aren’t too long in getting addressed.

    1. Supply chain issues may tie it up for a while. It could have been much worse.

      Bust is busy. I’d rather have something to do rather than the alternative.

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