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Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

Epic Fantasy.


Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.
Picture from The Bow of Destiny project trailer.


Athson the Archer has seen things that aren’t there and suffered fits since being tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Kregen the wizard. When a strange inheritance comes into his possession he’s not quite sure it’s real. But the trolls that soon pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And when the mystic Withling, Hastra, drags him into a quest for the mysterious Bow of Hart, Athson isn’t always sure what’s real and who his enemies are. With the wizard Kregen and his master the hidden dragon, Magdronu, involved Athson must face not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons behind his tragic past.

Please read on for details and help support this ebook project!

For an excerpt from chapter 1 please click go to and click on the excerpt link under the campaign news to view the PDF file.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Primary book needs: a final round of professional editing, cover artwork and formatting as a basic goal.
  • Secondary book needs to be addressed if surpassing funding goal: marketing (such as electronic autographs and screensaver) & website upgrades (web hosting migration costs, artwork design consistent with book cover, etc.)
  • Supporters will receive a copy of the ebook and recognition in the book as a contributor. Higher level supporters will have the opportunity to vote on which cover design to use. Please see below for the rewards levels list.
  • If the project is partially funded the money will be used for professional editing and cover artwork, followed by formatting and then secondary needs listed above depending on how much is raised.
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Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer
Photo used in The Bow of Destiny book trailer

The Impact

You can help bring a fantasy epic long in the making to life. I’ve worked off and on for almost thirty years on this project. I was once offered a contract for it by small publishing company but turned it down due to several vague clauses in a non-negotiable contract. The book is already written and being well received by my picky beta reader as well as having been professionally edited once already.

Also, with the changes in the publishing industry supporters now have an opportunity to become more than readers, becoming decision-makers for the industry as well. This brings readers and authors closer. One of my rewards allows some supporters to have a say in the cover decision.

Risks & Challenges

The risks are few since the book is written, is being well received by the beta reader and has been professionally edited previously.

  • I’ve already scheduled to send the manuscript to the editor in August, while I am discussing artwork with illustrators now..

Other Ways You Can Help

Are you unable to contribute or not a reader of fantasy books? That’s fine you can still help me with this project in the following ways:

  • Share this project with friends who like fantasy books
  • Follow me on my website, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest and share my project progress with your own followers.
  • You can also share this project directly by using the Indiegogo share tools!

Let’s make The Bow of Destiny a success. I’m counting on your support for which I’m sure you’ll receive blessings.

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P.h . Solomon


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Here is the excerpt file for the Campaign: Bow of Destiny Excerpt

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