A Nickname’s Origin

I really meant to include just Hastra’s quote here but I thought a couple paragraph’s a better post. It’s a shrewd observation from Hastra – but then she’s a Withling with mystic skills who sees some irony in Athson…

TBOD Pinterest Board ThumbHastra passed Athson food from the dishes after Limbreth spooned out her own. “Among all these elven archers, why would you be called the Archer?”

Athson pulled a half-smirk of irritation as Limbreth cocked her head while she chewed. He glanced at Sarneth, who forked up vegetables from his plate but offered no help. “I’m considered better than even Gweld, but I lost a tourney on a wild last shot. It’s a joke.” His weak smile discomfited him, and he shoveled food into his mouth as the Withling withdrew the bowl. That old bow-string entangled him. But he’d escape it if he could.

“So an inerrant archer who’s inaccurate.”

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