Fan Art Welcome

I recently had a few pieces of artwork come my way through a few different sources. These pieces are very well-done and look amazing so I’ve started using them. They are posted over on The Bow of Destiny page as well as here. I’ve also post them and a few others on my Pinterest board.


Any readers out there who do artwork are welcome to send me anything you do and I’ll post it here and on Pinterest as well. I may even run a contest for artwork if there’s some interest so let me know if you are.






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  1. Only had it happen once, and that was years ago. I offered one year to post art for Macabre Macaroni month, and never got a single entrant. Didn’t care if it was a monster made from dried macaroni. This year I ordered my own art. Hope you get some takers.

    1. We’ll see what happens. I think it’s rather organic with something like that happens – people like the books and do art based on it…

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