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archery at sunsetI’ve begun preparations to release What Is Needed in late July. This is a prequel to The Bow of Hart Saga of which The Bow of Destiny is the first book. Currently, What Is Needed is with an editor. However during the editing of this novella I’m working on the other details.

I’m still choosing between making my own cover art for this e-book or commissioning something with similar style to The Bow of Destiny. The main issue with the latter choice is funding. Since this e-book is mainly meant as a giveaway I don’t want to invest too much money into it. However, I am interested in it at least eventually having consistent artwork.

To that end, I’m running a poll the next two weeks to get opinions on whether I should DIY at least the initial cover or just splurge and commission the artwork. I’m also including links to choices for the DIY possibility.

I know everyone’s time is precious, but if you’ve got a few minutes take a look at the choices and express your opinion on the potential cover choices.

Background As It Relates to the Artwork

Here are just enough tidbits to help out with the cover links but if you want more, the What Is Needed posts are still available beginning here.

There is a scene with stabbing violence so I have a possible cover example of that which seems intriguing. The story is set mostly in a large complex like a school so there are a few pictures that cover that. Also, the end takes place at a dilapidated tower so I’ve chosen some examples of that. The choices are linked below:

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Tower 1    Tower 2     Tower 3     Withling’s Watch     Withling’s Attacked     Bloody Knife

Book Cover Green Top & Bottom Cover - CopyPlease share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. I’d also love to connect with you over social media so check my Contact page for that information. See the News page for announcements and remember to sign-up to receive news and posts by email. I’ve added a new sign-up tab on my FaceBook page to simplify the process. New followers can download The Black Bag via free coupon today! Also, the cover of my book, The Bow of Destiny, was revealed recently so take a look.

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  1. After comparing the options, I am still torn between Tower 3, Bloody Knife and commissioning the artwork. The latter is the option of coice if you want to have a cover style similar to The Bow of Destiny.
    Tower 3 is very inspiring; Bloody Knife comprises a knife and a (tower) wall – you see, why I like these choices as well.

    1. Karen, thanks for the comment. I do want to eventually have the covers consistent but I’m considering that down the road unless I have the funds to commission the artwork when the time comes. Good thoughts on the other choices.

  2. PH – I voted for commissioning the artwork as, with any series of books, it’s always best to go with a consistent look and feel so your readers know there’s a progression and an ongoing connection.
    Having said that Tower 3 (the gothic one) is a stunning image and if this had been the first book would set the tone well PROVIDED you think it matches your writing (which it presumably does since you chose it 🙂 ). The other 2 towers are also good, but the time of day/night makes a statement without necessarily conveying the atmosphere you want to create? #3 kind of nails this more effectively without relating to the clock 😉

    I’m speaking here with my graphic artist/designer hat on wanting to give you some meaningful feedback so hope this is helpful

    1. Jan, thanks for the input. I do agree with the need for consistency and the DIY consideration is more temporary until I can fund commissioning the artwork. Great thoughts for consideration. You really have me thinking.

    1. Craig, thanks for the vote. That’s what my ultimate goal is. What Is Needed is meant more as a giveaway so it’s hard to invest in it without some extra funds available. That being said, the DIY effort may be more effort than it’s work. Great thoughts from commenters today.

  3. I’m still a goth chick at heart, so I liked Towers 1&2 (yes I know we’re supposed to vote, and I will, but I’m the kind of person that sees something good in everything–well, mostly *evil wink*) but I think “bloody knife” seemed to grab my attention more…seemed to suggest suspense.

  4. I think the comments made so far really echo my own thoughts. There are some striking images there, but I don’t know how they fit in with the story, so it’s difficult to judge which is more appropriate. The key thing really is getting consistency of style across all of your books. I know when I published my (so far) only novel, I spent ages with my cover designer just playing with the fonts so I could get the title and my name showing in a way I’d be happy to use on all future books. It’s not just the series brand that’s important, it’s your brand as well.

    It can be expensive to get the cover designed, but there are also some very reasonably priced designers out there. I dropped lucky with mine – though I’m sure she’ll hike her prices when she realises how good she is! I’m not here to promote her, but if you want to look at examples of her work, let me know and I’ll give you a link.

    I’m sure you can guess where my vote went.

    1. sure, hit me with the link – would love to see if she can emulate what I have for the series already if the rate is right. Thanks for the comment and voting. This has been very helpful to me!

      1. Actually, I hadn’t been on for a couple of months, and it looks like she’s started to realise how good she is. Even so, I found her really helpful and willing to go the extra mile, so here’s her web address: http://www.torriecooney.com/. You might also want to check out Dylan Hearn’s blog post about this subject. https://authordylanhearn.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/the-bad-the-good-and-the-beautiful-of-the-cover-design-process/ He has his own recommended designer. Good luck with it all!

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